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Impressions from the opening


Dear participants of the IMPROVISATION is/as ARCHITECTURE exhibition and conference, thank you for submitting your proposals! We have written short reflections of your proposals with questions, and we have attributed keywords where missing. Now we re-call all participants to pair in groups of two or three participants and merge their proposals. It is advised to group the international participants with Hungarian participants in order to facilitate their distant participation in the exhibition. Please submit an improvised combined exhibition proposal for your group until 1st October 2013. The available material at FUGA will be very limited, so think of how to improvise with what is at hand. We will build and install the exhibition together from 28th October to 6th November. At the end of the second week, on the 7th and 8th November, all participants will meet and exchange. The last week will expose the results of the conference. Looking forward to seeing your resubmissions!

Very best,
Vilmos & Ronny


Csíkszentmihályi Ajnácska, Kiss Dénes


vagueness, impulse

The relation between matter and thought is being explored in an ancient yet contemporary way of building: the very ephemeral, the changing conditions of which make improvisation happen. What else can thought be if not matter?


Iseppi Ivano, Kurath Stefan


difference, sympathy

Architectural design as daily improvisational craftsmanship capable of uniting contradictions and initiating social discourse regarding space. How can social discourse be understood and then conveyed as architecture?


Lang Christoph

impulse, difference, vagueness, sympathy, ornament, whatever, community

It is an improvisation on our call: improvisation is the theme, here we have got it. Conceptual and consequent, just need to find the spark! Is it really in the unused keywords?


Tóth Viktoria, Krizsán Anita


gesture, presence, vagueness

An attempt to construe both the subject of improvisation, and the method of improvisation, with an emphasis on common ground. How can such dynamic simultaneity be planned and trained?


Bencze Julianna, Szalai Csaba


vagueness, ornament

The way you hang out for a walk may be improvisatory, but when your memories are mirrored, every improvisation becomes symmetric and static. How is any aesthetic technique subject to improvisation itself?


Sarabi Annabel


vagueness, presence

Scores including text, movement, objects will serve as performance-choreography to invent and improvise new time constructions. What are different times?


Dévai Zoltán, Tóth Ádám


contribution, generation

This is a cadavre exquis, a tool for making continuous notes / sketches on the conference Improvisation is/as Architecture. One must improvise with what one has at hand. No right to turn back! Where does improvisation end?


Kohout Dávid, Hrotko Heléna


immanence, approximation, creation, structure, pulse, transition

The allegory of architecture and dance as two poles – the former usually excludes improvisation, the latter lives it daily – gives inspiration where conventional architectural praxis and improvisatory impulses meet. How does dance and architecture connect in a non-metaphorical way?


Funk Bogdán


community, generation

Regenerative architecture is a great input for improvisation because it entails the dynamic processes of planning, building, maintenance, and dwelling as inherently architectural. How is it lived?


Herkil Mátyás, Nagy Kincso


difference, immanence, ornament

This is a genealogy of man´s building on earth from ancient times to a possible utopia. The space between buildings turns into caves, a symbolic return to the origins of architecture. This originality, which is not construction, is very close to improvisation. How does such originality express in everyday practice?